We Bring the Cloud to Healthcare

Cloud Migration

With so many cloud choices (public, private, cloud edge) and operating models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) where do you start?

The cloud is challenging hospitals to rethink the way they address IT concerns like technical complexity, regulatory compliance, and security. Granular IT service provided at specified service levels promises more efficient allocation of IT resources over the long term. With so many cloud choices (public, private, cloud edge) and operating models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) where do you start?



CloudWave can help you map your cloud journey. We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your current applications and their requirements. Which applications and workloads should move? Which type of cloud service is the best fit for each from a security, availability, and performance perspective? Do some need to remain local? Is it time to retire old applications?

Our cloud transformation team can evaluate your applications and IT Services requirements and recommend a multi-cloud IT Services management strategy that aligns with your financial and operational goals, and can collaboratively build a migration plan to drive the process. Click here to request your Cloud Transformation Assessment.

Multi-Cloud Options

Our OpSus Healthcare Cloud is a managed private cloud architected exclusively for healthcare. From OpSus Live hosting, to a variety of OpSus cloud services, CloudWave delivers fully-managed disaster recovery, archiving, backup, security, and remote systems management services from our secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud. Click here to learn more about the OpSus Healthcare Cloud.

CloudWave also builds “cloud ready” infrastructure in your hospital data center, allowing you to run some workloads locally and move others to the cloud when resources are needed.

Building an integrated multi-cloud model that fits your organization will allow you to run your applications on the platform that makes the most sense, while delivering the user experience, security, access, and ease of management your hospital requires.

Looking for more detailed information about OpSus Live? Click here to access features, supported software, service levels, frequently asked questions, and service documentation.

The Right Partnerships

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, AWS Partner, and IBM Cloud Partner, CloudWave brings the public cloud to healthcare. With secure, cost-effective options, CloudWave can help you integrate, move, and manage workloads in a multi-cloud environment built just for you.

What Our Customers Say

“As a small hospital in a rural area, we need to be able to provide care to our community, no matter what. By running MEDITECH in the OpSus Cloud, we’re able to keep data and systems accessible to our clinicians – even when our hospital suffered a flood and needed to be rebuilt. The team at CloudWave has supported us through numerous challenges and allowed us to focus on providing quality healthcare to our patients.”

- Susan von Thun, Director of Information Services, Williamsburg Regional Hospital


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