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Your applications and all your devices, consumer, end-user, and diagnostic – they’re all producing more and more data. You need all of it available for your users when they want it. You have to store all of it for years. You need to protect it against threats increasing in both complexity and frequency…and you have to do it all with last year’s budget.

We get it and we can help.




Protecting data means more than backing it up, but good, frequent backups are the foundation and your last, best line of defense against loss. Because of this, the newest malware attempts to breach your save sets first. Also, backups are annoying. They break, a lot. OpSus Backup was designed to be a comprehensive solution to this problem, removing it entirely. Fully managed operations free up valuable time and with all save sets copied to an air-gapped remote site, malware cannot propagate into them. The only successful backup is one you can restore from. OpSus Backup’s self-service portal lets you view and restores from any backup, providing peace of mind.

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OpSus Vault

Protecting data means more than simply backing it up. Ransomware attacks on healthcare institutions, unfortunately, are not a matter of “If” anymore, but rather of “when”. We understand that an incident can be devastating to your ability to provide patients with the highest quality of care. With ransomware now directly attacking backups, Immutability is the key to protecting healthcare data. With OpSus Vault, your backups are regularly copied and written to an air-gapped, secure, vault location where an immutability policy is applied. With this immutability policy in effect, your backups cannot be edited or deleted, and additionally, the air-gap prevents malware from propagating into them. OpSus Vault provides a secure line of defense for your backups, a solid strategy of recovery, and peace of mind.



When quantity is the issue, scale is the solution. OpSus Archive is a data management solution that can understand what data is being accessed and which isn’t. Keeping the necessary data local and moving everything else off-site to low-cost storage can solve availability, protection, and budget issues. Sometimes, though, you just need more room. OpSus Archive will open a private vault for you to put anything you want there, HIPAA compliant, highly available, and consumption based – pay only for what you use.

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What Our Customers Say

“CloudWave has become a trusted partner. Our selection of OpSus Backup is a result of the positive working relationship, support, and reliability we’ve experienced as a CloudWave hosting customer. Extending the use of their OpSus Cloud to the backup and protection of our enterprise applications just makes sense from both an operational and financial perspective.”

- Brian Schandl, CIO, Marshall Browning Hospital


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OpSus Archive

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Cloud-Based Immutable Backup System for your Healthcare Enterprise

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