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OpSus Edge

OpSus Edge Overview

OpSus Edge is infrastructure-as-a-service, located in your data center: compute, storage, security, backup, recovery, and comprehensive operations and systems maintenance. OpSus Edge delivers the same award winning OpSus Live cloud hosting service, but on hardware living at your facility. This addresses any potential remaining challenges with cloud services: network connectivity, data sovereignty, or capital funding requirements. OpSus Edge provides and manages the entire technology stack from physical hardware up through guest operating systems and user access. You run your application; we take care of everything else.

Services include:

  • Compute Nodes – OpSus Edge compute nodes virtualize CPU, RAM, and Internal SSD storage to run your application. Hosts and guests are patched and updated by CloudWave.
  • Performance Nodes – OpSus Edge Performance Nodes are included in configurations with high I/O or low storage latency requirements.
  • Density Nodes – OpSus Edge Density nodes are large quantities of abstracted Tier 2 storage, available for applications with very large datasets but low performance requirements.
  • User Access – Includes managed 3-Tier User Access environment if needed.
  • Disaster Recovery – OpSus Edge replicates all data to a remote facility for disaster recovery: 2 Hour RPO/ 2 Hour RTO.
  • End Point Protection – A suite of tools are used to protect your end point devices (includes anti-virus, data encryption, and intrusion prevention).
  • Monitoring – Infrastructure is proactively monitored 24 x 7 x 365 for uptime and performance.


  • OpSus Edge encrypts all data at rest and in transit to NIST-approved standards.
  • ITIL Service Management – Designed and managed to ITIL V3 Standards by a team of engineers, operators, and consultants with unmatched experience operating and supporting healthcare IT.
  • Full Disaster Recovery Services included.
  • OpSus Edge is available in CapEx or OpEx models to suit your organizational preferences.
  • Professional Project Management – Stringent project planning, rollout, and testing ensure a successful migration and go-live.
  • Healthcare Compliance – Designed to exceed industry norms for security including HIPAA and HITECH.

Supported Software

CloudWave will accept, support, and manage all operating systems of any version still supported by its OEM. Any software which has been relegated to End of Life status (e.g. Windows Server 2008) must be upgraded before a migration to OpSus.


What is the difference between OpSus Live and OpSus Edge?

OpSus Live is CloudWave’s original fully managed cloud service and OpSus Edge applies the same service model to your data center using on-site infrastructure. OpSus Edge includes physical hardware installed at your site but fully managed by CloudWave, including patching, monitoring, intrusion protection, etc.

Why choose OpSus Edge?

OpSus Edge is a good fit for customers for multiple reasons. Some organizations need physical access to hardware for compliance or data sovereignty purposes while others seek to mitigate network weaknesses or application latency risks. Additionally, some organizations use OpSus Edge to balance their capital and operational budgets more favorably (e.g., asset depreciation, etc.).

Is OpSus Edge a better choice if I am unsure of my ISP’s reliability?

Maybe, reliable Internet service is fundamental to both your EHR application and OpSus services. If multiple ISP subscriptions are not an option, OpSus Edge does include physical hardware on your site, possibly reducing the risk of application latency or WAN issues.

During the onsite assessment of my environment, what will CloudWave look for?

Among numerous other considerations, CloudWave will review your current network bandwidth, access methodologies (end user devices), storage, replication and backup use cases. Then, we’ll align your environment capabilities and needs to your EHR application goals.

How is my OpSus Edge implementation managed?

CloudWave dedicates a Project Manager to every OpSus Live implementation. The Project Manager will liaison with key contacts from every stakeholder, including your EHR application provider and other vendors. Every phase of your implementation will be managed by a CloudWave PM, including your introduction to the CloudWave support model when implementation is complete.

After I’m onboarded, will CloudWave make time to review my account and service history with me?

Yes, the Customer Success Managers at CloudWave will develop a schedule with you to discuss account activity, trends or identify potential issues. In some cases, customers are invited to participate in a larger “Customer Council” to discuss innovations in healthcare, ask your CloudWave Salesperson for more info.

Does CloudWave need access to my Active Directory?

Yes, during implementation CloudWave will work with you to setup your Active Directory in the OpSus environment.

Does CloudWave manage license renewal for my cloud hardware?

Yes, all in scope licenses are managed, renewed and reported to OEM vendors (if required) by CloudWave on your behalf.

What encryption standards are used during data replication?

CloudWave follows NIST standards at a minimum, current encryption used for transport is TLS 1.2.

Does CloudWave offer multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a requirement to access OpSus Edge. CloudWave offers this functionality but can also integrate with an existing MFA solution you may already have deployed. Any MFA solution which supports OAuth or SAML 2.0 is compatible with OpSus.

Can CloudWave help me better secure my virtual desktop environment?

Yes, CloudWave has a list of best practices and user policies we recommend for your VDI sessions to offer both protection and flexibility, such as setting mandatory session termination after a period of inactivity, etc.

Does OpSus Edge include Disaster Recovery?

Yes, your OpSus Edge environment is replicated to an OpSus Datacenter so we can restore you back to operations in the event of a major disaster at your primary site.

How does storage and compute growth get managed by CloudWave?

Your OpSus Edge platform will arrive with modest room for growth already in place. Capacity is constantly monitored by your OpSus Team. When room for growth gets low, additional hardware will be shipped to you and an engineer will be scheduled to come out and install the new gear.


OpSus Edge Service Implementation and Configuration Assumptions

The OpSus Edge service includes the provision and management of compute and storage resources that power, secure, and connect the customer to the application environment.

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) describes prohibited uses of CloudWave Services. The examples described in this AUP are not exhaustive.

CloudWave Master Terms and Conditions

These Terms are incorporated by reference into the Proposal. The Proposal, Terms, and any other documents referenced in these Terms or the Proposal are collectively the “Agreement” entered into by the parties.

Service Definitions

Included are Service definitions and terms that are used throughout the site.

OpSus Direct Connect

CloudWave supports a customer-procured private circuit connection from the customer site to an OpSus data center as an alternative to internet connectivity.

Security & Compliance Guideline

This document describes our security program, physical and logical environment hardiness, standards for personnel access and behavior, and our certification and compliance record.


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