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OpSus Backup

OpSus Backup Overview

OpSus Backup service is a fully-managed Backup as a Service for the healthcare enterprise. Designed to alleviate the burden of performing, validating, and troubleshooting backups, OpSus Backup manages the protection of every mission-critical healthcare application in your environment. CloudWave’s team of healthcare engineers operate, monitor, and maintain backup operations, freeing up the most valuable IT resource: time.

OpSus Backup reduces your technical footprint by combining your entire backup and replication environment into a single user-friendly device, the OpSus Backup Appliance.  This appliance hosts the software and storage required to protect your environment and keep a local copy of backups. It also copies your backups to the cloud for long-term retention, guaranteeing availability and compliance. With all software licensing and operations included as well as all storage, encrypted and replicated locally and remotely, OpSus Backup is a one-stop, comprehensive solution to data protection. You plug it in, and OpSus healthcare engineers take care of the rest.

Services include:

  • OpSus Backup Appliance – This two-unit rack device hosts the OpSus Backup Application, encrypts and stores a set of cached backups, and securely copies the backups to the OpSus Cloud. The appliance also includes a landing zone for all restores, allowing you to recover without overwriting.
  • Infrastructure Support– CloudWave will provide infrastructure support for OpSus Backup hardware and software located in the OpSus data center as well as the onsite OpSus Backup Appliance. Support is available 24×7 through our Service Center and the MyOpSus customer portal.
  • Monitoring and Support– CloudWave will provide 24×7 monitoring of critical OpSus Backup components, capacity, and performance thresholds, and provide incident and problem management services.
  • Access to Backups– Customers access backups from a secure web portal where you can freely view and validate your backups 24×7. The portal is self-managed, and every backup is available to view, explode, or restore.
  • Encryption and Security– OpSus Backup secures your data from generation to disposition. Every backup is deduplicated and encrypted using industry standard algorithms and all backups and restores are performed from the OpSus Backup Appliance at your site.
  • Fault Tolerant Design– OpSus Backup uses redundant server and storage hardware and software to provide fault tolerance, which includes no less than two complete copies of all backup data in the primary and secondary data center.
  • Offsite Replication– CloudWave replicates your data to another OpSus data center to facilitate a thorough recovery in the event of failure of the primary data center.
  • Malware Protection – Remote retention is air gapped. Access is only granted through programmatic APIs, effectively countering the threat of malware propagation.


  • All in one package, including a single hardware device, complete backup and recovery software and private portal for self-service management.
  • Includes both daily operations and compliant data retention.
  • Fully-managed service operation – frees your staff to respond in a crisis.
  • Remote support during implementation and personal guidance through the training process to help you master your environment.
  • Flexible total cost of ownership (TCO) option through hardware lease and purchase options.
  • Self-service data restoration enables you to decide which backup to use.
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit using industry standard encryption.
  • Redundant storage at the primary site and a backup site.
  • Hardened design to eliminate backup failures and quickly adapt to security and application upgrades.
  • Service Management design based on ITIL V3 Standards by a team of engineers, operators, and consultants with extensive experience inhealthcare IT.
  • Continuous monitoring and management by 100% US-based CloudWave Operations Staff for performance, availability, and compliance.
  • Performance designed to meet and exceed industry norms for security including HIPAA and HITECH.

The OpSus Backup Appliance is a physical device shipped to the Customer to host the application, perform backups, and store backups. The OpSus Backup Appliance is remotely managed for operations, uptime, and performance by CloudWave personnel, and is available for purchase or lease to meet your needs.

Supported Software

CloudWave will backup and guarantee restorability for any server whose operating system is on a version currently in support by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. For Example, CloudWave makes no guarantee of restorability of a Windows Server 2008 operating system; windows Server 2008 went end-of-life on January 12, 2020.


What does the OpSus Backup service include?

OpSus Backup includes a physical hardware device stored at your site, remote configuration and setup, service support for incidents and problems, daily operations, and a web portal for complete visibility and self-managed restores.

What is the OpSus Backup Appliance?

The OpSus Backup Appliance is a two-unit rack device you will install at your site. The appliance has pre-loaded software and applications that will begin to operate when you connect the device to network and power.

How long will it take to install OpSus Backup and begin my backups?

Typically OpSus Backup is ready for use within a few days of customer installation. During this time, CloudWave engineers will remotely configure the OpSus Backup Appliance and begin testing. Installation is complete when the customer performs all backup and restore tasks under the guidance of CloudWave engineers and completes a backup independently.

Does CloudWave need access to my Active Directory?

Yes, during implementation CloudWave will work with you to setup Active Directory access.

Are my backups safe if the appliance loses connectivity?

Yes, all backups are stored in a primary data center and replicated to an alternate data center for maximum fault tolerance.

Are backups secure in transit and rest?

Yes, the OpSus Backup Appliance transmits backup save sets using IPsec AES encrypted VPN tunnels.

When are backups captured?

Enterprise infrastructure backups are taken nightly.

How many backups are available?

Backups are self-managed but include a minimum of two complete copies of all backup data in both data centers.

How do I access my backups?

Backups are accessible through secure log in to the OpSus Backup web portal console.

What does the OpSus Backup Web Portal enable me to do?

The dashboard provides:

  • Real-time and historical visibility into system performance, availability, and incidents.
  • Custom reports on performance and readiness
  • Ability to view, explore, and restore any backup.


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is incorporated by reference into Customer’s Proposal and is subject to the Master Terms and Conditions. This SLA provides CloudWave’s commitment to Customer for the Services and Support listed below, as set forth in Customer’s Proposal.

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Service Definitions

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Implementation and Configuration Assumptions

The OpSus Backup Service provides peace of mind for your operational backups and data retention requirements. This self-managed, “plug and play” backup service transfers the technical burden from your site to ours.

Security & Compliance Guideline

This document describes our security program, physical and logical environment hardiness, standards for personnel access and behavior, and our certification and compliance record.


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